Hi there, I’m Sagar Dahal! πŸ‘‹

A full-stack developer who’s in love with .NET and FOSS ecosystem.

πŸ’« About Me:

πŸ”­ I’m currently working on a fun little project : ConsoleMonkey
πŸ‘― I’m looking to collaborate on anything impactful
🀝 I’m passively looking for employment opportunity in the US
🌱 I’m currently pursuing MSCS in the US, my second master’s degree.
πŸ’¬ Ask me about systems design, cybersecurity, snooker, …
⚑ Fun fact : I love cooking

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πŸ’» Tech Stack:

C# CSS3 Java HTML5 GraphQL JavaScript LaTeX Markdown PowerShell PHP Python Shell Script TypeScript Windows Terminal AWS Azure Firebase DigitalOcean Google Cloud Heroku OpenStack Vercel .Net Angular Bootstrap Blazor Chart.js Express.js jQuery Joomla NPM NodeJS ExpressJS React React Native React Router Redux SASS TailwindCSS Three js Webpack WebGL WordPress Xamarin Apache AmazonDynamoDB MicrosoftSQLServer MongoDB MySQL SQLite Redis Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Photoshop AZUREDEVOPS Docker Kubernetes GRAFANA ElasticSearch Arduino Babel Confluence Jira Postman Raspberry Pi Pi-Hole Swagger

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